Meet Jaelyn

Shawna contacted me to take some photos of her precious three months daughter, Jaelyn.  Her husband, John, is also attending the seminary and they live in the same apartment complex as us.  It was so nice to meet this sweet little family and their home is lovely.  Being around them reminded me again of that first joy when we had our first daughter.  Everything was so new but yet I knew what to do right away as a new mother.  It was the strangest feeling - an overwhelming rush of joy.  Now that I have three kiddos (all under the age of 5), I have misplaced that joy I once had.  God continues to protect my heart and always lead me back to His love.  That is where I can find my Joy again.  

Thanks to the Latham for allowing me to feel that peace and joy again.  Your Jaelyn is so calm and peaceful which made the photo shoot so nice and easy.  She is absolutely the cutest baby girl.  I smile as I processed these photos.  


Evie's Briday Shower

This post is a bit late since Evie became Mrs. Danforth last week and I couldn't make it to the wedding because I was giving birth to our third baby (a few days before the wedding), this is the closest to a wedding I can get.  

As I mentioned in my post on Evie's and Alex's engagement photos, Evie and her family have been a family to ours.  It's nice to have brothers and sisters who care and look out for us when our families are miles away.  It was an honor to be able to capture this beautiful occasion to celebrate Evie's upcoming journey with her beloved.  Not only was the decoration done by Evie's aunt, Christine, it was filled with laughters and also tears.  It ended with an emotional speech from Evie giving gratitude to the people in her lives especially her widowed mom and auntie.  Evie is such a beautiful woman of God that it's a blessing to be a part of her life.  I can tell how amazing Evie is from the friends and family I encountered that day.  Although I wasn't able to witness their beautiful wedding ceremony, I'm sure it was a beautiful and glorious wedding for I know our Father was shining His light unto them that day.   I have no doubt they as a couple will do great things for His kingdom.   Their powerful love for each other will allow others to know that God's love do exist.  Cheers to my brother and sister.

On other note, I need to give kudos to my awesome and sweet sister in Christ, Christine, for an amazing job with the decoration and coordinating this event like many other events she has done.  She is so talented and gifted with this skill.  She is so committed to everything she promised to take on and I can see her full heart and passion in it.  I so enjoy photographing her work of art.  


sister love

Sisters, Mindy & Hannah, are our church members at CAVBC.  Mindy, the older sister, takes care of the decorations for events and her team does an amazing job.  Mindy is just a sweet woman and is responsible to her younger sister and grandma as her parents passed.  Hannah is always smiling and jolly.  She is always cracking innocent jokes whenever I pass by her.  Both of them and their little group enjoys taking photos any chance they get.  This photo shoot was just natural for them.  

I grew up wearing an "ao dai" (Vietnamese long dress) my whole life because I was always performing for the Vietnamese community.  When I got married and moved away from my hometown (VA-DC) to TX, I didn't get a chance to wear my "ao dai".  Then I just lost hope after I have kids because every "ao dai" is sewn to the exact measurements of your body.  Any changes will just not fit.  Anyway, this is actually my first shoot that portrays a little bit of my beautiful culture and it reminds me of how much I love wearing this traditional dress.  


Alex & Evie engaged!

I have known Alex and Evie as a couple for at least two years.  It has been a blessing with every moment in their presence as their love for each other is contagious.  Thus, their love for the Lord is even greater.  Their hearts are so big for others and want everyone to receive that beautiful Gift they both did - the love of Jesus Christ whom died on the cross for our salvation.  I can always feel His presence when I am around Alex & Evie or as individuals.  

I have known Evie and her sweet family for five years now.   Her family has been such a blessing to our family in so many ways.  Evie is full of personalities and such a great dancer.  She is very down to earth and so goofy.  I always laugh when I'm around her.  Thus, I always enjoy our serious and meaningful conversations when Evie shares her big heart.  Evie started her own business on the side while attending school to help women with make up and hair for occasions such as weddings.  When Alex came into the picture, it was goofiness to another level.  As a couple, they can always make anyone laugh with their genuine humor.  I also enjoy hearing Alex's testimony in his journey as he seeks and find the Lord.  

I was so excited for them both as I heard about their proposal and so honored that they asked me to take their engagement photos.  This photoshoot was so much fun as they were so natural, quirky, and cute.  They were romantic and sweet at the same time.  It was not hard for me to capture this overwhelming romance between them.  Thank you Alex and Evie for reminding me to never fall out of love for without it we would be miserable.  Also, thank you for reminding me to love life as I am so blessed to have the greatest LOVE of all time and I shall smile and laugh for not knowing how doing so could lead someone to finding the Lord.  

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